Strategic Communications & Public Relations

We understand the issues, challenges and opportunities of doing business in today’s environment. We recognize that in today’s business climate public opinion is shaping the debate over public policy and influencing elected officials who make critical decisions that impact the bottom line.

To reach government decision makers, companies need the strength, reach and expertise of The Desoto Group. We help shape messages, look for targets of opportunity, garner public acceptance and support, and help to sway policy outcomes. We’re not afraid to tackle the tough issues.
We are skilled in assessing current issues and policy situations, and recommending strategic solutions that make a difference in today’s dynamic public policy and political environment.

As Professionals derived from political, government and media backgrounds, our staff is able to assist our clients in maneuvering through the maze of policy agendas, political education and advocacy. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in government affairs, coalition building, grassroots advocacy, community relations, issues management, consumer and public education and media advocacy. Additionally, we have built strong relationships with key national, state and local decision-makers.

Public Policy Advocacy

If you’re trying to gain support for a controversial initiative, project or policy, it helps to have the counsel of a team that knows how to package your issue in a way that will maximize the positive and minimize the negative reaction. You need a campaign that will elicit support from opinion leaders, activate diverse constituencies to advocate for your cause, and generate favorable media coverage.

The Desoto Group has been involved in some of the most important and innovative public policy campaigns in recent memory. These campaigns are the most satisfying to work on because by bringing about positive social change, they improve our world. The Desoto Group has been the secret weapon behind campaigns that involve the environment, children’s health and education, among other important social issues.

Our expertise in media advocacy, coalition building and community outreach can help shape public opinion and make and keep important issues top-of-mind for voters and policymakers.

Government Relations

When you need to work with a government agency or elected official, it helps to have the inside track on how government works at various levels, who is really in charge and how to best navigate the system.

The Desoto Group has a strong understanding of the way government works. Throughout the years our staff has built a network of relationships through our counsel to diverse groups of elected officials. In addition, as a result of our leadership in the field of social marketing and our commitment to community involvement, we are highly respected by decision-makers at all levels of the political spectrum. With over 20 years of combined Federal and State Government experience and a stanch network of Government Officials, our staff will provide our clients with the strategic tools they need to work with – rather than against – government. Our guidance can help lift roadblocks, downplay opposition and forge mutually beneficial partnerships between government, business and the community.

Diversity Assurance

Too often, the mention of diversity in the workplace is misunderstood as special preference or affirmative action. This should not be the case! The Desoto Group will work with you and your organization to ensure that majority groups are not marginalized in your organizations process to diversify. The Desoto Group understands that “Diversity” is not synonymous with “Minority,” however; companies should continuously seek to employ systematic processes to increase access and opportunities for people of color and other minorities.

To maximize the effectiveness of diversity at all levels of an organization, diversity has to first exist. Recent studies suggest that only 15 percent of new workers coming in the workplace will be white men, and the other 85 percent will be women, members of minority groups or immigrants. Along with this change, the number of workers entering the workplace will significantly decline. Many employers are finding themselves in a position of having to adjust quickly to the changing demographics in order to stay competitive. Companies who neglect to make changes face missed opportunities for maximizing their revenue base.

Perception is reality! It is important for stakeholders to see diversity throughout an organization. The Desoto Group will assist you in realizing, promoting and celebrating diversity in a seamless attractive manner.

Crisis Management

No matter how pleasant the forecast, things can turn nasty quickly. That’s when we shine. The Desoto Group understands that planning is the bedrock of preventing and containing potential crises. Over the years, we have found that some crises can be prevented, and those that can’t usually can be managed. Our clients benefit from our planning, organization and our ability to respond quickly and appropriately, thus minimizing negative outcomes.