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Desoto serves industries that build big things

Transmission & Distribution

Electricity is ubiquitous in our lives, and we use it constantly. Yet most are completely oblivious to the infrastructure that surrounds us. Transmission lines span vast distances from generation facilities to end users, most of whom are blind to the distribution lines in their very backyards.

But the importance of expanding, improving, and maintaining this under-appreciated network is critical to life as we know it. When someone is engaged in an electrical infrastructure project, Desoto Group is there to assist. Whether as the EPC spearheading the project directly, or part of the support team building safe, stable, and environmentally-sensitive access roads, our experience in the energy business is your competitive advantage.


The world’s demand for fossil fuels has increased steadily for centuries, resulting in today’s energy coming from more remote, harder-to-access sources. A vast network of pipelines crisscrosses the country, getting petroleum products where they need to go. These pipelines are not only undergoing constant maintenance to enhance their safety and efficiency; new ones are being built all the time.

When pipelines are routed through tough-to-reach places, Desoto’s expertise with designing, implementing, and maintaining temporary access routes becomes invaluable. With a wide array of matting, bridging, and road-building options in our repertoire, we can help convey your workers safely to the job site every day.

Renewable Energy

Easily the fastest-growing sector of the energy industry, renewables are still seen as something of a wildcard among these long-established professions. Compared to fossil fuels, wind energy is barely nascent, while photovoltaic solar is even newer. Experience on renewable projects is not only important; it’s also fairly difficult to find.

Desoto Group boasts seasoned professionals who have led successful, large-scale renewable projects, and have the acumen to do it again. Whether your project demands access roads to get workers to the jobsite, or transmission lines to get the energy to the market, we’re your inexpendable partner.

Civil Construction

In order to build a permanent road, you have to build a temporary one first. Whatever large-scale project you’re building – highway, bridge, dam, waterway – Desoto is eager to be early to the site, developing a sound access strategy and building robust, temporary routes so the work can go on.