Engineering Services

Desoto serves municipal, cooperative, and investor-owned utilities across the country in the design and construction of electric power infrastructure. We bring our in-depth technical knowledge and culture of innovation to problem solving, utilizing rigorous, homegrown procedures to keep your project on spec and within budget. Our expertise covers the spectrum, including Transmission, Distribution, Substation, and Network Communications.

Transmission Engineering

Our scope comprises a range of services required for major transmission additions, line extensions and rebuilds.
  • Route selection & optimization
  • Right-of-Way mapping (LiDAR available)
  • Transmission line modeling (PLS-CADD)
  • Foundation design & analysis
  • Structure performance analysis
  • Material specifications
  • Fiber optics
  • NERC alert data collection, analysis, and correction
  • Line rebuild design & analysis
  • Rerating & upgrades
  • Evaluation & design of under-built systems
  • Comprehensive aerial & ground line inspection
  • Non-destructive testing & foundation mapping

Distribution Engineering

The multifaceted perspectives of our professional teams combine functional experience with engineering expertise, establishing clear and realistic objectives, and ensuring feasibility of execution.
  • Asset replacement/upgrades Reconductor/DOT relocation
  • OH/UG conversions
  • UG subdivision design
  • Automation/re-closer & fuse coordination
  • Load growth & expansion
  • Circuit reliability analysis
  • Storm hardening
  • GIS correction
  • Feasibility studies for third-party attachments
  • Siting of telecommunication attachments
  • Overloaded transformer programs
  • Feeder firming
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Commercial, municipal, & residential requests

Substation Engineering

Our scope comprises both new and retrofit substations, including the integration of state-of-the-art and legacy solutions:
  • Physical substation calculations, design, and engineering
  • Protection and control substation calculations, design, and engineering
  • Civil/structural calculations, design, and engineering
  • Inter/intra-substation telecom integration
  • SCADA/RTU and digital fault recorder design
  • AC/DC station service calculations, design, and engineering
  • Equipment specification development, review, and vendor analysis
  • Conceptual engineering and permitting support
  • Field engineering and construction management
  • Relay settings (electro-mechanical and micro-processor based)

Network Communications

We bring our utility engineering expertise to your public network telecommunications projects, lending a strong focus on regulatory requirements, the broader utility infrastructure, and continuous innovation in the telecommunications industry.
  • Site evaluation & action plan
  • Joint-use facilities Small cell site design
  • Micro-antenna/small cell sites
  • New and existing site installations
  • Pole & tower structural analysis
  • Foundation analysis & design
  • G5 systems
  • NEC compliance
  • Permitting, construction, and plan & profile
  • Field verification & desktop audit
  • Project & construction management