Site Access Services

Turnkey, first-on-last-off access solutions

Large-scale infrastructure projects demand the use of heavy machinery, and getting it to the job site is typically a lot more involved than just pulling off the paved road. Desoto specializes in building safe, stable, and environmentally sensitive access routes through a variety of means, to maximize jobsite efficiency, and leave without a trace when the work is done.


A successful access strategy begins with the lay of the land. Our experts go on-site to develop a winning routing strategy, and to determine the matting options most up to the job. We consider both performance and cost efficiency, since the plan will be followed up by a budget that is competitive and conscious of your bottom line.

During the planning stage, we will also identify and make provisions for environmentally sensitive areas.

Prep & Installation

Developing a good access route typically involves right-of-way clearing, related forestry activities, and grading to optimize the terrain. A mat road is then lain, with water crossings and work platforms installed as necessary. The route’s quality and longevity depend heavily on proper drainage and erosion control, so ditches and culverts are installed.

We also factor in requirements such as SWPPP and BMP, and implement traffic controls like fences and gates.


A temporary route being just that, routine maintenance is simply part of the reality. SWPPP maintenance alone is an ongoing effort, but you can rest assured that Desoto will keep your routes functional and free from hazard.

We routinely survey the site, adapting and adjusting to the project as it develops. This can involve recurring, intermediate matting moves, and revisions to the original plan as conditions on the ground shift (quite literally!). Our environmental monitoring will keep ahead of these issues and address them before they become problems.

Removal & Restoration

A successful project isn’t truly complete until the site around it has been restored to its natural state. Desoto stays on site well after the other workers have rolled up and left. We start by picking up and washing the mats, and thoroughly cleaning the job site–including the area all along the access route. We grade the land to work with the surrounding terrain, removing any temporary infrastructure. Then we seed to kick-start the growth of new vegetation. We perform careful environmental monitoring along the way to ensure that the human footprint is as light as possible.
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