Incident Response & Storm Restoration

In the wake of a storm, a single interruption to a power utility can have widespread repercussions, leaving thousands without electricity. Communities that depend on a safe and stable power grid require quick action and well-trained technicians to restore power as quickly as possible.

Qualified personnel

Desoto Group technicians are extensively trained and highly qualified to face the challenges that come with restoring power after a severe storm. With expertise in utility engineering and construction management, we are uniquely poised to support utilities in mitigating damage from severe weather. We fill any and all of the following roles:  
  • Patrol feeders, laterals, and ROW/transmission corridors
  • Work order planning, audits and close-out
  • Safety, environmental, and customer event response
  • Field Oversight
We engage with clientele either as turnkey consultants or integrated workforce, committed to executing the utility’s procedures to ensure compliance and comprehensive documentation.

Response services

  • Switching and tagging procedures
  • Rapid response and deployment
  • Public safety services
  • Damage assessment & remediation
  • Restoration planning & estimating
  • Long-term recovery assistance
  • Contractor coordination and procurement
  • Material tracking and procurement
  • Quality and safety auditing
  • Post-event assessment and engineering
  • As-built updating