The TerraLam Advantage

Sustainably engineered access mats

Sustainably Sourced

Traditional timber mats are made from old growth hardwood, a vulnerable resource. TerraLam mats consist of cross- grain layers of fast-growing pine, meaning more benefit for less cost.

Engineered for Performance

Boasting best-of-class strength and durability at half the thickness of traditional mats, the reduced bulk and weight of TerraLam can cut your freight bill in half, and makes for faster installation.

Do more with less

The Desoto Group is proud to offer the game-changing TerraLam mat by Sterling. Innovation allows us to redefine the industry with superbly engineered products born from our client relationships and their vast experience.

As we constantly innovate to better serve our clientele, Sterling continually injects field observations and customer feedback into their R&D process.The already-robust product line continues to refine and grow as industries evolve

Sterling’s engineered access mats get more strength from less material. This means lighter weight, less bulk, lower cost to transport, and huge time and energy savings in setup and removal.

TerraLam outperforms traditional timber mats



Fit more mats per load with TerraLam and save up to 50% on freight



Save up to 40% on labor and equipment with faster installation



Eliminate tripping and puncture injuries; reduce traffic hazards and vehicle damage


Longer Lasting

Engineered with innovative cross-grain technology for maximum durability



Built with renewable southern yellow pine

Working with Desoto

Flexible mat rental options that help you avoid logistics and maintenance costs.

Broad selection of mats, including the game-changing TerraLam® CLT mats — lighter, faster, and longer lasting than traditional mats.

Our specialists come from industries we serve, bringing real-world knowledge.

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