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disabled veteran.

The Desoto Group is 100% owned, operated, and managed by minority veterans.

What we do

We at Desoto fill crucial roles in large-scale energy operations. With deep roots in energy, telecom, and other infrastructure-heavy industries, we provide the expertise and critical resources to develop, build, and maintain projects and systems.

Who we work with

Full-scale EPC Services where you need them

Energy is the most critical, strategic, and competitive resource in existence. It is literally essential to life in today’s world, and your customers rely on you for reliable delivery. Your success depends on compliant, top-quality projects developed and run by highly competent professionals.

Desoto Group is a trusted leader in energy network engineering. We tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, maintaining a firm grip on both budgetary and technical requirements. With a highly-experienced team comprised of industry leaders, and backed by a deep pool of resources, we bring our unique attributes to your projects